Commons Caretakers offers specialized support services to improve the quality and maturity of free and open source projects, which are the building blocks of the commons. In-depth support activities not only make projects better, but subsequently allow efforts to scale and become self-sustainable as soon as possible. We can help with the following:

  • Test Design: We can arrange custom support for designing and integrating tests
  • Performance and energy efficiency: Advice on measuring and improving performance and ecological impact
  • UX support: We can connect you to seasoned UI/UX designers
  • Translation/Localization: Translation support and tailormade advice on best practices for supporting (minority) languages
  • Standards and best practices: We can help you bring your system into conformance with standards and align you with best practices
  • Technical mentoring and bug support: We can provide experts with the breadth and depth needed to provide customized technical mentoring, help dealing with scaling issues and support with mitigating technical issues and squashing pesky bugs
  • Protocol verification: Expert cryptographers can perform symbolic protocol verification
  • Technical writing: Assistance with drafting standards contributions like RFC’s
  • Crowdfunding and soft skills: Advice on setting up crowdfunding campaigns and developing soft skills
  • Technical and community building: Mentoring geared towards inclusive and healthy communities
  • Sustainability support: Customized mentoring on business models, post-growth entrepreneurship and steward ownership

Coalition partner services and support

Through our portfolio we work with a number of trustworthy partners that can provide services which are complementary to the work of Commons Caretakers. We are happy to help you connect if you are interested in, for instance: