Business for the greater good

We donate all our profits to the public benefit

Commons Caretakers is not just a regular company. We donate 100% of our profit to NLnet Foundation.

Services and support

Commons Caretakers and her service partners provide targeted support to commons efforts. We focus on supporting NGI Zero project grantees. You can find an overview of our diverse support activities on the services page.

Enable financial support

We help connect people that want to contribute financially to open source, open content, open educational resources, open hardware to the communities around those efforts. The amount you allow us to invoice you for, is spent under community governance on open source developers that generously share their work with the world under open licences that allow unlimited use and reuse. For selecting the best projects, we work together with The Commons Conservancy and its Programmes.

"Pay it forward"

Some people dedicate their lives to creating awesome technology, ideas, content, design and education materials for their fellow humans. Those creators get nothing in return, apart from a better quality of life for everyone. When you are thankful for the precious open efforts we all benefit from every day, and you want enable more of this social wealth to be created, we can help you 'pay it forward'.


We work together with seasoned professionals from the FOSS community. Meet our team.

If you want to know more, visit us:

Commons Caretakers BV
Science Park 400
1098 XH Amsterdam
The Netherlands